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A short story collection from Australian author Lana Kortchik. Most of these stories have been published in magazines and anthologies in 2012-2014. The collection includes the winning entry for Historical Novel Society Autumn Short Fiction Competition 2012 and the runner-up entry for Short Story Contest 2013.

Four Days Ago is a story of first love and impossible choices.

A Dog’s Life explores themes of love, violence, and new beginnings.

How (Not) to Love is all about right and wrong, and the price we pay for them.

Set in Napoleonic France, the Spires of Saint-Sulpice is a story of love and betrayal, loss and forgiveness.

Superhuman: a gymnast loses everything she has ever lived for. But will she lose the will to live?

The Diary of a Break-up is a story of a troubled marriage and a budding romance.

Birthday Girl delves into a girl’s troubled relationship with her father.

Dance in the Twilight is about trust, hope, and doing the right thing, even if the right thing is not always what it seems.

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